Feilan (qutesh_geb) wrote,


Ok so I got the work/reading done for one of my classes so I don't have to deal with it till next week then I get to start all over (bleh). This second class is the more boring of the two...everything we have to read is like a snooze fest. Bleh! Oh well...April came by earlier and was using computer to check out apartments. Her and her boyfriend are working on moving out by November. I guess she's sick of living with her dad (can't blame her) and he's planning on moving into a 1 bedroom place (so she kind of has to find a place or she has to move back here...like me). I'm glad that she's getting out of the house...but definitely jealous...*sigh* She's going to be out of the clutches of this over bearing family and living with her boyfriend. Yeah definitely two things I want just figuring out when and how that will happen *shrug* I dunno.

Okies back to homework so then I can be lazy! :D
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