Feilan (qutesh_geb) wrote,


Was a good day, hung out with Varian for the first half the day. He showed me the 1st episode of season 4 of Dexter. It was awesome! Started to watch this other movie that I never finished but intend to go by sometime and watch it. Once Joe and Amber (Varian's gf) got to the house and we looked at the time we decided to head to Costco for our pizza.

I spent some money today I probably shouldn't have since it's coming out of my saved gas money...but it's not me and joe go to the movies heh so :) We all ended up seeing the movie gamer. I liked it, but I don't get the feeling that beyond me anc varian the other two really cared for it. anyways, despite been about $30 poorer :-\ I'm tired as heck going to be ree

eyes struggling to stay open, hoping this all isn't gibberish.
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