Feilan (qutesh_geb) wrote,


Been keeping up with the healthier eating. :) Went walking with Steven for a while last night just for a couple miles but felt good. Steven wanted to go jogging by I don't trust my knee right now or ankle since they like to act up. Been working a lot more lately which helps too because one of the worst habits I picked up while living with my grandma was eating from boredom so luckily I've been avoiding that.

I was telling Steven last night it's funny that it seems that trying to eat/live healthier is like "contagious" in this area. How different it is in Long Beach (this part anyways) compared to San Pedro. Everyone around here rides bikes, goes on walks, or jogs. Almost everyone has at least a cat or dog. Of course...there seems to be a large amount of people who smoke pot too (that part I don't care to think about). The grocery stores have so much more organic food and better fresh food though it does seem to run a little higher. I'm just really glad that we finally got apartment. The change from living in Pedro is just so much better. :)
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