Feilan (qutesh_geb) wrote,


Been talking to Rino and Varian more frequently lately...has been making me feel a little better. Less cut off I guess. Might see Rino later today, he came by yesterday as well and we just hung out and caught up a bit. A few of his pet sitting houses were near the fires up in PV so he was a little worried about the owners when he didn't hear from them right away. Anyways, today I think I'm gonna do some reorganizing of my room until I hear from him. Maybe do some early reading for the texts from this semester if I get done with my room.

I might take David up on repainting my room next month, we'll see. The old lady isn't so happy with the idea but I think it's been a long time coming. Need to make myself feel better while I'm still living here and looking at these pink walls just feels like a constant bad vibe since it's like a reminder that the old lady is always trying to push herself into aspects of my life I don't want her in. Could just all be in my head but makes me feel crappy sometimes. Been putting in applications for work again, haven't heard anything so far but I can't expect results if I don't try right? Seeing as how I would like to be able to get out of here at some point I gotta start somewhere so. :)

Joe officially booked the hotel for our November Vegas trip, which we will be going the day after our 1 year. :) Sometimes it's hard to believe it's been that long but I'm happy. Makes me happy on a level I've never felt before even though we can't always see each other as often as we'd like. So from November 23rd-28th, we shall be Vegas bound! Is a little disappointing that my friends never make the Vegas trips but I know some just can't afford it while others seem to rather spend time having fun with their other friends instead. I'm not gonna try to guilt someone into spending time with me, if you wanted to be in my life, you would be.
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